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The planet smells like rotten eggs, the examine discovered

A distant planet recognized for its horrible climate additionally sheds rotten eggs, in keeping with a brand new examine.

Utilizing knowledge from the James Webb Area Telescope, scientists studied HD 189733 b’s environment, which has scorching temperatures and precipitation just like rain glass.

Based on the researchers, hydrogen sulfide, which can also be current on Jupiter, makes up most of HD 189733 b’s environment, and emits a pong. Gasoline can also be launched throughout farts.

Discovering it right here is without doubt one of the first discoveries of hydrogen sulfide on an exoplanet — or planet exterior our photo voltaic system.

“So, in case your nostril may work at 1000 levels Celsius … the environment would scent like rotten eggs,” mentioned Dr. Guangwei Fu, an astronomer at Johns Hopkins who led the analysis. mentioned

The examine was printed within the journal the nature

Though hydrogen sulfide is without doubt one of the gases that signifies that distant planets could also be residence to alien life, researchers are usually not in search of life on this planet as a result of it’s a gasoline large, like Jupiter, and highly regarded.

Nonetheless, they are saying discovering hydrogen sulfide here’s a step towards understanding how planets kind.

James Webb is opening a brand new vista in analyzing the chemical substances in distant planets and subsequently serving to astronomers study extra about their origins.

“This has been fairly a recreation changer. It’s actually revolutionizing the sector of astronomy. It has delivered the promised capabilities and in some methods has exceeded our expectations,” mentioned Dr Fu. mentioned

The researcher plans to make use of the knowledge from the house telescope to review different planets.



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